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FAQ: How do I create custom instructions for using setting up the HDMI to Component Converter with an Apple TV

Author: administrator account Reference Number: AA-00391 Views: 6994 Created: 2015-05-01 16:59 Last Updated: 2015-05-01 17:01 0 Rating/ Voters


The custom instructions provided aren't working / my Apple TV still shows a blank screen when connected a HDMI to Component Converter.
What do I do now?


Likely, an Apple TV firmware update has changed the clicks.
You'll need to create your own instructions:


If one observes the exact clicks used to execute the resolution change, one would find that it is possible to carry out this procedure "blind."

In other words, if we write down the exact navigation clicks used to change the HDMI output resolution when using purely HDMI, we would find that the same exact clicks can be used to switch the video output resolution when using the HDMI to Component converter!

Since our procedures are NOT working, you'll need to update the procedures by observing the clicks required by connecting the Apple TV into an HDMI TV screen.

  • Connect the HDMI cable into the HDMI to Component converter
  • Make sure the converter has USB / 5V power
  • Pull the Apple TV's power cable, and plug it back in to power cycle the unit
  • On the Apple TV, wait until the white light stops blinking
  • Wait for 60 seconds after the blinking has stopped
  • You should see the Apple TV screen on the HDMI TV now.
  • Follow the steps to reach each result - but WRITE DOWN HOW MANY CLICKS ARE REQUIRED IN EACH STEP.
    • i.e. You MUST replace each "???" in the ACTIONS below.
  • Proceed until the last RESULT is reached, and 480p is selected.

 RIGHT, ??? times
 Highlight COMPUTERS
 DOWN, ??? times
 Highlight SETTINGS
 DOWN, ??? times
 Highlight AUDIO & VIDEO
 OK  Show AUDIO & VIDEO screen
 DOWN, ??? times
 OK  Show TV RESOLUTION screen
 DOWN, ??? times
 Highlight 480p
 OK  Confirms 480p Selection

  • After writing down each step - the table should now be complete.
  • Disconnect the HDMI TV now.
  • Connect the HDMI to component converter.
  • Power cycle the Apple TV.
  • Using the steps created above, enter them in "BLIND" - as if the TV is connected.
  • After the last OK is entered in, wait for 5 seconds - and we should see the Apple logo with a confirmation to set the video output to 720p @ 60Hz
  • Select OK here to save the new 480p setting!
  • You can now choose to adjust upwards to 720p or a higher resolution if desired.


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