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START HERE : [A1] Hardware Installation Guide

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This document reviews how to install the LiivStreamer media player hardware

Applies to

This article is applicable for supported Media Players as listed here:


Before starting the installation, be sure to have:

  • A USB Keyboard, to help speed up configuration
  • Note the LiivNAS system name + serial number
  • Your Ethernet network wired and ready for connection (Avoid wireless for video streaming)

Manual / Download

Click here to download the "Quick Installation Guide" for:


Be sure that the LiivStreamer system has:

  • Ethernet wired
  • HDMI cable connected to the TV / receiver / projector
  • Teach the Dr. HDMI the setup's EDID
  • USB Keyboard connected (for initial configuration only)
  • The USB remote receiver connected (PLUS model only)

IMPORTANT: ALL these steps are required for a successful setup.  DO NOT skip any steps!

What's Next?

Once these steps are complete, proceed to Part B: Software Configuration Guides, here:

[B] SETUP - Software Configuration Guides

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