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[B1] LiivStreamer - Set up : Music Library

Author: administrator account Reference Number: AA-00383 Views: 7282 Created: 2015-03-09 16:09 Last Updated: 2016-03-02 20:11 0 Rating/ 2 Voters


This document reviews how to link archived music to appear on the XBMC/Kodi interface

Applies to

This article is applicable for supported Media Players as listed here:


These instructions are optimized for XBMC/Kodi systems connecting to the following Media Servers / NAS systems:

  • LiivNAS Media NAS / Servers

Write down the LiivNAS system's "Server name" - which consists of the name "LiivNAS-" + "the system's 4 digit serial number."
Example: The server name of a LiivNAS system with serial number 1234 would be: LiivNAS-1234


  • Starting from the main menu, go to MUSIC > FILES

  • Click on ADD MUSIC...

  • A new popup will appear.  Choose BROWSE

  • A new side pop-up will appear from the left.  Scroll down to ADD NETWORK LOCATION...

  • Enter in the appropriate fields as shown, so that we can connect to the default server share:
    • 1. Server name: Enter LiivNAS-XXXX, where XXXX is the 4 digit serial number of the system. (Hint: This info should've been written down in the pre-requisite stage.)
    • 2. Shared folder: Movies
    • 3. Username: Owner
    • 4. Password: 123456 
  • Then, scroll down and choose OK.

  • A new entry will appear with: smb://LiivNAS-XXXX/Music, as shown.
  • Highlight this entry, then click RIGHT to choose OK.

  • We will return to the previous screen, with the info as shown.  Scroll down and choose OK.

  • Once done, the library will be updated - and the music library will appear in a few moments, allowing you to sort music:
    • By Artist
    • By Album
    • By Song
    •  ..and more!

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