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Win (All) - How to : Use Teamviewer / Usage Instructions

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This document reviews the complete procedure on how to use Teamviewer to gain remote access to VidaBox systems.

Applies to

This article is applicable for:

  • Any VidaBox Media System with a Windows Operating System / OS manufactured, shipped, or serviced on/around Jan. 1, 2014
  • For systems shipped, manufactured, serviced before Jan. 1, 2014, see LogMeIn Instructions here: Win (All) - How to : Use LogMeIn / Usage Instructions 


Remote login is an internal use, support tool based on third-party software.  VidaBox DOES NOT provide any direct or end user technical support on this topic beyond this document.  Any information provided is given as-is, without any warranties, expressed or implied.  By proceeding below, you agree to these terms. 


    Part 1 : Find Teamviewer Partner ID of System

    The Teamviewer "Partner ID" of the system can be found via:

    • Looking in your email records, and search for a "Teamviewer ID" for the unit ordered. (Fastest method) 
    • Contact us with the Order number & Serial of your VidaBox Media System here -  (You should receive a reply within 1 business day.)

    Part 2 : Download & Teamviewer

    Teamviewer software can be downloaded for free here:

    Run the software after it is downloaded, using the default settings

    Part 3 : Accessing your system via Teamviewer

    Using the newly installed / running Teamviewer software, enter in the "Partner ID" into the field as shown below, and hit ENTER.

    You should then see a prompt for a password. Enter the default, assigned password for the system, as per the brightly colored labels / stickers on the instructions that came with the system.

    That's all - you should now be able to remotely access your VidaBox Media System!


    For further assistance

    Please visit Teamviewer's Support Areas here:

    Please keep in mind that VidaBox DOES NOT provide direct technical support for Teamviewer or other third-party software.

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