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Media Center / Extender - How to : Add an album or song to an existing playlist, then save the new play list or queue

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This document describes how to use organize playlists within Windows Media Center, for:

  • Loading a playlist
  • Organize / remove tracks from a playist
  • Adding an album to the playlist
  • Adding a specific track to the playlist


Load the playlist

We must first load the playlist, go to:

  • Scroll on the top area to < playlists  >
  • Select the playlist to see the items, shown as "Playlist 1" below.

  • Once the list is seen, choose [Add to Queue]

  • The music in the playlist should now start playing

Organize / remove tracks from a playist

  • Start by selecting the album cover in the lower left, to access info on the item currently playing

  • Choose [ View Queue ] to see the playlist

  • To organize / remove items in this list, choose [ Edit Queue ]

  • As shown below, we can move items up or down the list, or remove them altogether!

Add an Album to the Playlist

  • Choose an album that we would like to add to the playlist

  • Select [ Add to Queue ] - and the playlist now has the item added

Add a specific track to the playlist

  • Select the album which contains the track you wish to add

  • Select the track we wish to add

  • Choose [ Add to Queue ] - and the track will be added to the Queue

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