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FAQ: Can I get remote log in / LogMeIn (LMI) access to my VidaBox Media System?

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Can I get remote / LogMeIn (LMI) access to my VidaBox Media System?


VIDABOX DOES NOT PROVIDE ANY DIRECT PHONE OR ADDITIONAL EMAIL SUPPORT FOR LOGMEIN. Additional LogMeIn assistance / help can be found here:  This software should only be used by integrators, skilled IT personnel, or other seasoned professionals, and is not meant for novice / end users.  ALL INFORMATION PROVIDED IS DONE AS A COURTESY, AS-IS, AND WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.  


Remote log in / LogMeIn access to every VidaBox Media System is available to the point of sale for each unit.  For example, dealers and integrators purchasing VidaBox Media Systems would be able to get LMI access to the system so that it can be serviced remotely.  However, their clients would not.  To request LogMeIn access, follow these procedures:

To request access:

IMPORTANT: All LogMeIn account requests MUST be made via email.  No phone requests for accepted for this service.

1. Find the serial number(s) of your VidaBox Media Systems

2. Send an email to VidaBox with the following information:

  • Serial number(s) of the VidaBox Media Systems
  • Email address to where the invitation should be sent to

3. Review this knowledge base article to learn how LogMeIn works

4. Within (1) business day or less, you will see an invitation sent to the email address provided to gain access to the system remotely.
NOTE: You must have the username / password for each system to gain access.

Other common questions:

Q. Can you provide me with another invite, so that multiple people can access the same systems?

A. By default, (1) account per company / group for each set of systems is provided free of charge.  We recommend that this be a general email address / general login that can be shared by multiple people as needed.  If absolutely required, / individualized additional accounts can be provided at an additional, nominal cost to cover the labor involved in setting up and maintaining systems access to the new account.  Please contact us for details.

Q: Can we change the email address used for my LogMeIn account that's already been created?

A: Follow these steps:
- Log into your "LogMeIn" account
- On the upper right hand corner, click on your email address to see the drop down menu
- Find "LogMeIn ID," and click on CHANGE next to it.

Q: Can I install Teamviewer, VNC, or another remote login tool in addition to LogMeIn?

A: Yes, this will not affect LogMeIn's operation.

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