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Media Center / Extender - How to : Use Collection Management to Manage Multi-disc Collections

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This document describes how to use the Collection Management tool to edit and re-organize multi-disc collections.
This article specifically reviews problems and solutions for multi-disc collections.
We strongly recommend reading the ENTIRE article, from beginning to end, to gain a full understanding of how multi-disc collections work, where the problems are, and how to fix them.

Applies to

This article is applicable for:

  • Any VidaBox Media Center or Media Extender with Windows Vista-based OS
  • Any VidaBox Media Center or Media Extender with Windows 7-based OS  

This article DOES NOT apply for any other systems.

Prerequisite : Set up the Collection Management Software


While we always strive for 100% accuracy, metadata for multi-disc movie collections are not always accurate.  This is simply due to the nature in how move discs are identified via DISC ID, and how there is actually no "international standard" for this process.  As such, errors in displaying multi-disc movies can occur - but can be easily fixed / resolved.

Please review the various scenarios below, so that one can gain a full understanding of:
- How multi-disc movies are referenced in Collection Management
- How multi-disc movie references can be changed
- How different discs / titles can be "tagged" under the same "Box Set"


Common Issues & Solutions

- Scenario 1: Multi-disc movie sets, with an incorrect title reference
(How to remove extra / unnecessary discs from a multi-disc set)


I archived one movie title, and when I select it, (2 or more) discs appear.
In my setup, I see this listing appear:

I know I archived Blu-ray.... so I go select the second entry.
Then the system says "title not available / insert disc" - isn't the disc archived already?


The title is indeed archived already if you see the cover art for the movie.
However, the title is simply mis-tagged by the default metadata.
To play back the title, simply pick DVD instead (the first entry) - even if the title is a Blu-ray.

Why does this happen?  How does picking "DVD" launch the Blu-ray title?
First - understand that when you archive (1) disc out of a multi-disc set, the system will automatically assume that disc is "Disc 1."
Ideally, the pop-up above should be visualized as follows:

Thus - when you pick the title in "Disc 1" - that's when the movie title launches.
However, in many multi-disc sets - both DVD and Blu-ray are included - so the discs can be described as:
Disc 1: DVD
- Disc 2: Blu-ray

When the description is entered in as Blu-ray/DVD - that's some confusion can be caused, if the movies weren't archived in the "right order".
The fix is quite simple, as per below.

To fix the issue: 

  • Start collection Management, and navigate to the erroneous title.
  • Click on DISCS - as shown below

  • You'll see a new window, showing DVD and Blu-ray
  • Click on the entry showing DVD - and change the description to Blu-ray

  • You'll see this successfully changed, as per below.

  • Obviously, we have two (2) Blu-ray entries - so the second one is wrong.
  • Click on the second Blu-ray entry.

  • Towards the bottom of the window, simply hit the "X" icon to delete the incorrect entry, as shown below

  • At the end, only (1) Blu-ray entry will appear, as shown below in [1].
  • Click on the OK [2] to exit this screen.

  • Finally, click on SAVE TITLE to save the changes we made.

  • When we go back into Media Center and start playback - ONLY the Blu-ray title will start playback, WITHOUT any unnecessary pop-up / prompt.
  • Problem is now resolved for this title.

Note - We can repeat as often as needed for other titles, and change the titles as we deem appropriate.
For example - instead of changing the description to Blu-ray, we can leave it as Disc 1, or change it to DVD, etc. 
We can also leave the other entry alone and NOT delete it if we plan on archiving the other titles, and then linking them back into this title.

Live Video Example:

See this video, and start at 2:07, to see how we can remove (Disc 2) out of a (2) disc collection.

- Scenario 2: Multi-disc TV series sets, with (3+) incorrect title references
(How to link existing folders into a multi-disc collection)


I archived all 4 discs out of a 4-disc set of a TV series.
They actually show up as (4) separate tiles / icons - but I see one of the (4) is the "main cover art"

As expected, when I select it, then choose PLAY, (4) discs appear, as shown below.

I know I archived all (4) discs, but the discs seem to be out of order...
- When I click on Disc 1, it works fine.
- However, when I click on Discs 2, 3, or 4, it prompts to "Insert the disc"
I know for sure my movies are archived - so what's the problem?


When a disc is archived and recognized as a multi-disc title, the disc being archived is ALWAYS assumed to be Disc 1, by default.
When discs 2, 3, and 4 are archived - they may not necessarily be recognized to be within the same multi-disc collection.
(This can especially ring true for movies are are a part of a longer series - example:

  • Movie - Part I
  • Movie - Part II
  • Movie - Part III
  • Movie - Part IV

Why does this happen?

If these "Movie" titles were sold separately, you may then indeed see different cover arts for each title.

Thus, we will need to:
- Identify where the other (3) missing titles are stored.
- Link each of the (3) missing titles to discs 2, 3, and 4 of this title.
- (Optional) Remove the unnecessary cover art for the other (3) titles that are now a part of the single Cover art 

To fix the issue:

  • Start by opening Collection Management once again
  • Select the title that has incorrect information
  • Click on the DISCS icon again

  • We will now see Disc 1, 2, 3, and 4 listed, as shown below.
  • Disc 1 will be linked correctly, as Online (Folder) under "Location Type", as shown

  • However, when we go to Disc 2, 3, and 4 - it will be listed as "Offline" - which means that the system does not yet know where discs 2, 3, and 4 of this title are located

  • To fix this issue, simply do the following:
    • First, start with Disc 2 - click on the title
    • Then, select "Location Type" - and change Offline (DVD Disc) to Online (Folder)

    • A pop-up will appear as shown below.
    • Browse to your server's "Movies" folder
      • Examples:
        - On a RackServer, that would be under \\RACKSERVER\Movies
        - On a LiivNAS-XXXX (where XXXX is the serial), that would be under \\LiivNAS-XXXX\Movies

    • Locate the folders that represent disc 2 of the collection.
      • If there is difficulty in identifying the correct folder for the title - take a guess.
      • See the note (*) below for more details.
    • Select it, as shown below [1] 
    • Then, click on SELECT FOLDER [2]

  • We will now see the Location of "Disc 2" specified as shown
  • This Location or "UNC Path Name" is the network address of the movie
  • When Disc 2 is selected, the system will now know where the movie is stored!

  • Repeat the above steps and specify the locations for Disc 3 and Disc 4, as shown below [circled].
    • Note: If there are more discs - keep repeating these steps for ALL discs in this title.
  • Finally, click on OK below to save these new references.

  • Finally, click on SAVE TITLE to save the changes we made.

  • When we go back into Media Center and start playback - ALL (4) discs will now be linked correctly.
  • Problem is now resolved for this title.

* - Note - If the correct folder cannot be identified, note that, if the discs were copied in order (i.e. Disc 1, 2, 3, 4....), then the folder name would likely be as follows:

  • [Movie Title]
  • [Movie Title] (1) 
  • [Movie Title] (2)
  • [Movie TItle] (3)

In the above example, starting at the top to bottom, we have:

  • Disc 1
  • Disc 2
  • Disc 3
  • Disc 4

Again - this is assuming that the discs were archived in order.
If not, simply take a guess, and once we reach the end of the process, if the disc is not correct - repeat, and pick the NEXT possible disc.

For Additional Support

Live time tutorials are available on this topic to dealers on a limited educational basis for demo units, and to end customers on a flat-rate, per session hour basis.  Please contact the point of sale for pricing and further information.

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