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OpenSqueeze - Setup Part 2 : Overview & Prerequisites

Author: administrator account Reference Number: AA-00292 Views: 53096 Created: 2013-07-06 22:34 Last Updated: 2013-11-27 22:11 7 Rating/ 21 Voters


This document reviews the prerequisites for setting up and configuring OpenSqueeze devices.


Before starting the setup, we recommend the following:

A. Set up the VidaBox Media NAS / Server *OR* install SqueezeCenter Software on a PC

If you purchased a VidaBox Media NAS / Server - set it up and make sure it is powered on now.
After confirming that it is powered on, make sure it has Ethernet Connectivity to your LAN (local area network).


If you DO NOT have a VidaBox Media NAS - you MUST install the Logitech Media Server software on your Windows PC from here:
Full instructions:

B. Create a list of OpenSqueeze MAC Addresses with Assigned Zone Names

First, we must create a list with:
  • MAC Addresses of each OpenSqueeze device
  • The room,  zone, or location name assigned to each of these OpenSqueeze devices

Note: The MAC Address is located on a sticker on the bottom or side of each OpenSqueeze device.

Below is an example list:

EC:21:9F:00:72:7D - Configuration Room
EC:21:9F:00:38:20 - Build Area
EC:21:9F:00:CF:14 - iPad Room
EC:21:9F:00:5C:38 - Office #1
EC:21:9F:00:F6:08 - Office #2
EC:21:9F:00:F3:D0 - Warehouse

C. Set up a Account

If not yet already done, or if this is a brand new set up with no other SqueezeBox hardware, we must register and create a new Account

D. Subscribe to paid services, if desired

To streamline the setup process, please subscribe to supported paid / subscription services, if so desired.


To begin, we need to wire all of the OpenSqueeze devices.  Each device requires connections for:

  • Power - Use the included power supply & cables.
    • Do not use other 5V adapters - they may introduce electrical noise into the signal and degrade audio quality.
  • Ethernet - Wired is always recommended over wireless
  • Audio Line-out - Connects to to a set of powered speakers or other amplification system

Next - Part 3 : Accessing the LMS Web App

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    [Clem]: No hard wire ethernet cable available 2014-09-08 13:14

    Just purchased a new home and it is next to impossible to route an ethernet cable to to the Vidabox....I understand that I may be able to use a wi-fi adapter to make it questions
    1) what type of an adapter would I need and could you make a recommendation
    2) what does the adaper / Vidabox hook up
    Thank you

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