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Dune HD - Troubleshooting : Videos titles do not play correctly

Author: administrator account Reference Number: AA-00281 Views: 15753 Created: 2013-06-21 20:47 Last Updated: 2013-06-21 21:33 38 Rating/ 2 Voters


This document reviews how to troubleshoot a problematic video title, where one (or more) particular archivals are not working.  This assumes that other titles' / media files' playback is working normally, and only specific titles are problematic.

Applies to

This article is applicable for supported Dune HD Media Players, listed here:

Support Limitations

Dune HD Media Players are supported directly by VidaBox as first-line support ONLY when the units are ordered with a VidaBox Media System. If a Dune HD Media Player is NOT purchased through VidaBox, please contact your place of purchase for additional assistance.


Most videos, archivals, or movies are working correctly, except for a few select titles.


Try these solutions in order, until the title can play back correctly:

Confirm which titles are problematic

  • Play back other / older videos or titles that have worked before, and confirm that the other/older titles are working without issue.
    • If the older / other videos or titles are not working, then there is likely a networking issue between the Dune and the media NAS / server.  Contact the point of sale or network administrator for further assistance.
    • If the older / other videos or titles are working, then it is a disc-specific issue.  Proceed below.

Try playback of the titles on a Dune HD Media Player with a disc drive

  • If a Dune Media Player with an optical disc drive is available, take the original disc, and insert it into the player
    • If the title does not play - then the problem is with the physical disc itself (bad media), or a firmware update is required.
      • Replace the media / disc itself with a new copy, and see if the issue is fixed.
      • Try updating the Dune HD Media Player to the latest firmware.
      • If already applied, contact Dune HD for further help with disc playback compatibility (Dune HD may need to provide an update)
    • If the title plays, then it is an archival issue. Proceed below.

Update the Media NAS / Server's software, and re-archive the title

For Additional Support

For international clients, please contact your direct point of purchase.

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    [steve]: videos 2016-02-29 00:35

    I have a vidaBox server in my media room. I also have an old server that I had stored a bunch of movies on. They are in M4 or MP4 formats. Is there a way to play these on the vidabox server or store them on the VidaBox server and play them from there?

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