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Media Center / Extender : IR / Infrared Controls + IR Debounce Info

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This document describes how to best use third-party IR controls with VidaBox Media Centers and Extenders
IMPORTANT: Article is updated as of Oct. 2013.  Additional requirement is now in place for IR Debounce OFF - please review as per below.

Applies to

This article is applicable for:

  • Any VidaBox Media Center or Media Extender with Windows Vista-based OS
  • Any VidaBox Media Center or Media Extender with Windows 7-based OS  

This article DOES NOT apply for any other systems.

IR Codes

The core of the VidaBox "Windows-based" Media Centers and Extenders are based on Windows Vista, or Windows 7. Thus, if IR control of these systems are needed, these codes are usually listed under and can usually be found under "Windows Media Center".

Here is a link to our generic IR code in Pronto HEX format:

The same applies for Vista-based media center (as the codes have not changed). Popular control solutions and remotes such as Pronto, URC, Logitech, etc. have been confirmed to have these listed, and are thus, natively compatible with our systems.

Otherwise, the IR codes of our systems can be easily learned into any control system.

IR Debounce

IMPORTANT - IR Debounce MUST be turned off if using third-party IR controls.

What is IR Debounce?

In many IR-controllable electronic devices, the IR control system is set to accept two different, alternating IR codes for certain functions. For example, if the skip forward button is pressed, the trailing end of the IR code is usually changed slightly.

Press 1: 0000 006D 0022 0003 00AB
Press 2: 0000 006D 0022 0003 00BA
Press 3: 0000 006D 0022 0003 00AB
Press 4: 0000 006D 0022 0003 00BA

Depending on the installation setup, an IR signal may get bounced around/off a reflective surface in the setup, causing the signal to be received twice. By having a "toggling" code for the same key press, difference is specifically designed so that it eliminates "bounce," or the inadvertent reception of multiple button presses even though only 1 button is pressed.

This is great when using the native remote that came with the system. However, some universal/programmable remotes cannot handle toggle codes.

Thus, to solve this, simply disable toggle/IR debounce on the system by following the steps below.


To fix this, please do the following:

A) Set Registry Key

  • Download, then RUN the following "Registration Key" or RegKey on the system that you're looking to control with the universal remote. (See IR_Debounce_OFF.reg at bottom of article)
  • You MUST restart the system after implementing this registry update.  A logoff/login will not work.

B) Disable Windows Updates

Starting October 2013, all IR debounce "OFF" units must have Windows Updates disabled permanently to prevent the setting from being "reset," by implementing the steps as follows:

  • On the unit, using a connected mouse/keyboard or via remote login controls, close out of Media Center.
  • Click on START button, and type out services.msc, and then ENTER

  • Scroll down the list and find "Windows Update"

  • Double-click on this entry. We'll see a new window below.  Make the changes as per below.
    • Click on STOP.
    • On the "Startup Type" - change it to DISABLED
    • Finally, click on APPLY


  • Restart the system afterwards for all changes to take affect.

IR_Debounce_OFF.reg 362 b Download File
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