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Media NAS / Servers - Troubleshooting : Disc Archival Failures

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This document describes how to troubleshoot disc archival failures on your Media NAS / Server.

Applies to

This article is applicable for supported Media Systems as listed here:

How to identify the cause of archival failure

  • Log into your Media NAS / Server
  • On your VidaBox Media System, double-click and run DASHBOARD

  • Click on the Drop-n-Rip Archiving Tab

  • Then, click on Music Disc Copier or Movie Disc Copier
    • Choose Music Disc Copier for CD disc failures
    • Choose Movie Disc Copier for Blu-ray/DVD disc failures
  • We will choose Movie Disc Copier in the example below.

  • You'll now see a list of titles, some with DONE and others with FAILED. To see WHY a disc failed, right-click on it, and choose PROPERTIES

  • Detailed information panel. is now shown about your disc, along with the reason why it failed.
  • If it says "Reading sector [some number] failed after 10 retires, then there is a disc media problem.
    • In 99% of all reported issues, the disc itself is the issue, due to scratches, dirt, grime, or other defects - the only solution in these cases is to simply replace the disc. We simply cannot read / repair a damaged disc.
    • In the other 1% of the time, where we see multiple failures repeated one after another - simply restart the machine.  There may be a pending update that is locking out the Drop-n-Rip software from working properly. (This is rare and uncommon)
  • Other error messages will meaningfully indicate what the problem is (Disc / drive was not ready : So, try again... Or, Disc was interrupted / ejected unexpectedly : So, try again...)


1. Update the Drop-n-Rip archiving software, then try again:

2. Restart the unit by:
- Manual button: Press the POWER button ONCE, and wait for 3 minutes.  The unit will turn off during this time.  Once off, press POWER button again, and the system will be restarted in 3 minutes.
- Via interface: Go to START > RESTART.  Wait for 4 minutes, and the restart cycle will be completed.  Try the discs again.

If neither steps work for a particular disc(s), see discussion below.

Discussion / FAQs

Question : I was able to play this disc in its entirety on my stereo / CD player / DVD / Blu-ray player - why wouldn't it be able to be archived?
Answer : Playback and archiving are two totally different tasks - playback is designed to be defect tolerant, meaning that "bad audio/video" will simply be skipped over, so that playback can continue. However, archiving REQUIRES that we read every single bit / track / sector of the disc - so any defects / unreadable ares will result in a failure.

Q: Doesn't the VidaBox Media NAS / Server have error correction built-in for these types of failures?
A: Yes, every disc manufactured has bit parity checking built-in, but it only goes so far. Scratches that are too deep / dirty / damaged simply cannot be read, and need to be replaced.

Q: How should I best clean my discs?
A: See the various articles available here: Google : Best way to clean optical discs

Q: What does the message of "Reading sector XXXX failed over 10 retries" mean for a FAILED message?
A: It means that the system tried to read a particular disc area (or sector) again and again, and after 10 tries, it still cannot be read. Thus, it had no choice but to fail out the disc and eject it.  The only way to "fix" this is to replace the disc.

Q: What does the message of "Disc is already copied" mean for a FAILED message?
A: The system is designed NOT to copy a disc that it knows has already been copied. Thus, if you re-insert a disc that's already been archived, it will eject it and leave this in the 'Details.' Simply check your music / movie collection to find the successfully archived title!

Q: How often does this happen / how tolerant is the system of dirty or damaged discs?
A: We always recommend cleaning a disc off before attempting any archival, and as long as the disc is in good condition, archivals will work. How often archival failures occur is proportional to well taken care of discs are - so it's important that the discs be in pristine condition.

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