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Media NAS / Servers - How to : Setup & Use the Collection Management Tool

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This document describes how to use the Collection Management tool to edit the movie library and embedded metadata.

Applies to

This article is applicable for supported Media Systems as listed here:

Part 1 : Downloading & Installing the Collection Management Software

  • Run the downloaded software.
  • Choose "CLIENT" when prompted between "Standalone, Server, and Client"
  • Then, use the defaults to install this software.
    • Unless otherwise instructed explicitly by VidaBox staff, Collection Management versions other than the one linked above are NOT supported and will NOT work
    • If an update was already done by mistake, simply uninstall the new version, re-download version above, and re-install.  Then, continue below.

Part 2 : Registering for a MyMovies Account

  • Make sure you authenticate the account via email as per the instructions shown on the website. You will need this to be able to run the software properly in the next part (Part 4).

Part 3 : Map the PC in use to the Media NAS

Part 4 : Running the Collection Management Software

  • After the Media NAS's drive is mapped, we can now 'run' this software on the PC.
    IMPORTANT: This software is run from your PC - it is NOT on the VidaBox system, nor is it possible to install / run it on there!

  • After running the software, you'll be prompted to enter in your account info from Part 2.
  • Once entering in the account info, we now must connect to our VidaBox Media System.
    • If not yet prompted, go to FILE > CONNECT TO SERVER.
    • Enter in the name of your server. (In this example below, we have a LiivNAS system with serial XXXX.)

  • Click CONNECT to proceed.
  • If you see a message about "Updating an older database" - simply click on YES to update the database.

  • You should then see the Collection Management screen populate with movies in your existing collection. We have now linked the software to our VidaBox Media System.

Part 5 : Editing metadata

To learn about how to edit metadata, review this video tutorial here:

Part 6 : Set up our link to the Dune HD metadata

  • After the metadata is edited, we need to make sure these updates and changes are reflected on the Dune HD Metadata stored on the main VidaBox Media System.
  • Proceed as follows to update the metadata:
  • Click on TOOLS > OPTIONS

  • On the left, click on META DATA STORAGE, and then CHECK the box for "SHOW META-DATA FOR HDI DUNE"

  • You'll see a pop-up as shown, press OK to start the configuration process

  • On this screen, type in the name of the "Dune Index Location" (1). This location will depend on the SYSTEM NAME - some examples are:
    > For LiivNAS-XXXX (where XXXX is the serial number), it will be : \\LiivNAS-XXXX\Movies (as shown below)
    > For RACKSERVER, it will be : \\RACKSERVER\Movies
    > For RACK24-XXXX, it will be : \\RACK24-XXXX\Movies
  • Click on "OK" after the Dune Index Location is entered (2)

  • A notification to "Update Index" will appear next. Simply click "OK." We will do this next.

Part 7 : Update the Dune HD metadata

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