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Media NAS / Servers - How to : Deleting a Movie

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This document describes how to delete a movie from your Media NAS / Server.

Applies to

This article is applicable for supported Media Systems as listed here:

Part 1 : Using Collection Management Software to Delete the "Title Reference"

  • Follow these instructions to install and set up Collection Management, if not yet already done.
    How to : Setup & Use the Collection Management Tool

  • Run Collection Management on your PC, and select the title you wish to remove. Right-click, and choose DELETE TITLE.

Part 2 : Refreshing the Dune HD metadata in Collection Management

  • For future refreshs of Dune HD metadata, simply follow and repeat the steps in the link above, as often as needed!

Part 3 : Physically delete the Movie (Optional)

  • The steps below are not required, but are recommended as it will free up drive space for the movie. There are two ways to physically delete the movie:
    • Method 1 - Via the Network (Recommended: Easier & safer to do, but has a more complex setup)
    • Method 2 - Via Direct Server Access / Using the Server's Interface (More dangerous / difficult to do - only recommended for dealers / installers)
  • Both methods will be discussed below.

Method 1: Via the Network

  • On your PC, click on the START button.
  • Type in a double backslash, followed by the name of the VidaBox Media System / "SYSTEM NAME" - some examples are:

Where XXXX is the serial number:
For LiivNAS-XXXX, it will be : \\LiivNAS-XXXX
For RACK24-XXXX, it will be : \\RACK24-XXXX

  • Once typed in, you'll see a login - use the default login as follows:

Username: Owner
Password: 123456

  • You'll now see number of folders (such as music, movies, photos, videos, etc).
  • Locate the movie folder where the movie you want to delete is located (such as MOVIES or MOVIES 2)
  • Highlight the title to be deleted, and press DELETE (DEL) on your keyboard, and click YES to confirm.
  • The movie is now physically removed!

Method 2: Via Direct Server Access / Using the Server's Interface

  • First, login onto the VidaBox Media NAS / System. [Using remote desktop, LogMeIn, or direct KVM (keyboard,video,mouse) access]
  • Click on START > COMPUTER
  • Navigate to your Movies folder, which is under (Drive):/ServerFolders/Movies
  • Right-click on the movie, and choose DELETE (DEL)

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